Donna Ledbetter is the founder, broadcast host, and writer for Boundless Vegan. She is a long-time travel enthusiast and loves to explore the culture and arts of the world. While her native language is English, she also speaks Russian and Spanish and has traveled abroad and at home speaking these languages. Her first trip to Russia as an exchange student while in high school sparked her intense love of travel and people from all parts of the world. Since then, she has dedicated parts of her life to learning, experiencing, and immersing herself in travel and foreign culture.

At the height of the winter holiday season in 2011, Donna decided to adopt a more plant-based diet. While influential films such as “Super Size Me” and “Food, Inc.” and books like “Eat to Live” and “Breaking the Food Seduction” were important in helping her decide, it was for health reasons that she resolved to make vegan/vegetarian eating part of her everyday life. While not a direct goal of the new diet, since abstaining from meat, she has lost weight and has discovered boundless energy to pursue her many passions.

A professional writer, editor, and public relations specialist by trade, Donna applies her skills in communication to her work as a staff writer/editor, freelance writer, travel blogger, and destination public relations expert. She has ghostwritten several publications and served for three consecutive years as MidAtlantic USA editor at BellaOnline.com. Since then, she has ventured out to create her own travel space in the blogosphere. Her two current projects include Boundless Vegan, a site dedicated to helping vegan travelers find the best travel spots and deals that fit their interests and budgets, and Office Vegan, a website for professional vegans searching for advice to help them navigate the working world.

Boundless Vegan caters to an audience of travelers who want information from a vegan traveler perspective. The site features destination reviews, travel tips, and a host of advice. Vegan/Vegetarian travelers will appreciate Donna’s insightful food and travel gear reviews.

Office Vegan was inspired by the experiences Donna has had in the workplace from being the first and only vegan. She developed this website to create a single place where vegans in the working world can go for advice on how to embrace veganism in non-vegan environments and to celebrate the vegan office, where vegans are in the majority and being vegan is as natural as breathing fresh air.

Donna is always looking for new places to visit and explore. If you have an idea for a destination, please contact her using the Contact page and form on this website.