Worst Vegan Food Options at Airports in the United States

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recently released a study evaluating the healthy food options at 18 major airports around the country. These food options include vegan and vegetarian alternatives, which can be helpful for travelers who don’t want to eat meat or dairy when there are no other choices around. Topping the list for the best airport food options is Newark International, a surprising winner since previous years’ evaluations ranked the airport only as high as third place. The top airports to avoid are:

#1 — Hatsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta, Georgia)

#2 — Reagan National Airport (Washington, DC)

#3 (tie) — Thurgood Marshall Baltimore/Washington International Airport (Baltimore, Maryland)

#3 (tie) — Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles, California)

#5 (tie) — Denver International Airport (Denver, Colorado)

#5 (tie) — San Francisco International Airport (San Francisco, California)

As progressive as the cities are that these major airports are located in, times still seem not to have caught up to providing healthy food options across the board when you travel. Quick tips to safeguard against unhealthy eating at the airport are to pack your own food and bring it with you on your flight, bring extra food for unanticipated delays, and eat before you reach the airport so that having food options available will be non-issue.

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